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Sustainable Food Printing

Turning food waste into attractive, tasty food using 3D printing.

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Our Mission

Giving food waste a second taste

Worldwide one-third of the food produced is wasted. The most wasted food product in the Netherlands is bread. Next to that, vegetables and fruit are often thrown away, because e.g. they are too ugly or too ripe to be sold. Upprinting Food is a way to use residual food flows and create delicious-tasting and looking foods.  

By blending and combining the different ingredients from residual food flows, purees are created, which then are being 3D printed by a food printer. These prints are baked and dehydrated for crunch and longevity. We currently have created several recipes, both bread, and rice-based, and we are working to create new recipes all the time. We are focusing on collaborations with high-end restaurants to help them reduce their residual food flows and to create a unique dining experience. 

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We’re bringing Upprinting Food to restaurants

Upprinting Food creates unique dining experiences in a variety of restaurants.

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Design Services

We co-create with chefs to create unique and personalized designs that really fit their dishes. 

Unique Recipes

We provide chefs recipes to print from their own residual food flows, to help them reduce their food waste.

Professional Training

We train chefs and staff to work with a 3D food printers and food waste in their own restaurant.

Our Recipes

We develop different recipes, all made from residual flows and fully natural ingredients. Check out below which flavors we create.

Lovely Beetroot

Beetroot / old bread / cacao

Sweet Banana Bread

Banana / carrot / old bread / cinnamon

Sweet Banana Rice

Banana / carrot / rice / cinnamon

Crunchy Carrots

Carrot / old bread / chili / garlic

Spicy Sweet Potato

Purple sweet potato / rice / cumin / coriander

Surprising Kale

Kale / pumpkin / old bread / nutmeg

Do you want to join as a restaurant owner?

Are you interested in bringing Upprinting Food in to your own restaurant and share our sustainable vision? Contact us for the possibilities.

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